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Great Things Are Being Said About OCbyD

Dafina is an organizational whiz and so professional and friendly. – Amy M.

Dafina is great. She is organized and gets things done. I was very impressed by her work and her attitude. I would definitely hire her again. -Sammy G.

Dafina came in and helped me right away. I needed the most help in my bedroom, especially getting rid of old clothes and organizing them better. She helped me do that very neatly and orderly, without any judgement, and also showed me this amazing new way to fold my shirts and clothes to fit better in my drawers – saving me tons of space and also easier to find everything. I would recommend Dafina to anyone who needs help getting their life more organized and getting rid of clutter. She helped me in a big way and I am very grateful for that. – Scott S.

Dafina is the Queen of decluttering! She helped me to organize my business on paper and in real life. She is extremely detail oriented and a has a sharp eye for making things look picture perfect! While you are under the sound of her calm and soothing voice, she walks you through the process to become a part of the solution. She is very capable and get the results YOU want! -Bernard H.

I worked as an assistant with OCbyD, and if I were needed, I would do it again. Dafina is well versed in all facets of organization. Her professionalism is exceptional, not to mention her punctuality and honesty. I would definitely recommend her services. – Adama W.

Dafina organized my office closet and shelves. She looked at the cluttered space, asked me questions about how long had it been since I’d used a file or stack of papers. If it was more than 6 months, she asked if I’d ever use it again. If it was a “no,” we tossed it in the round file. It took us about 5 hours to clear the space enough for me to feel like walking into the room and sitting down to work. It’s a wonderful feeling to like my office again. -Patricia F.

Dafina continuously helps me get my daily life organized! She has a knack for organizing & pays more attention to detail than I ever could. From small projects to long term projects, she has been able to execute them all.  -Bibi K.

Dafina Fuqua worked for me earlier this year in January, 2016. She brought a co-worker because the job was both heavy and complicated: finding and sorting my late husband’s collections in several locations in my home. After consultation with me, Dafina quickly and efficiently executed the job. She and her co-worker were intelligent, fast, and trustworthy. They found and organized many boxes of documents, art objects, legal papers, and books. I am so grateful for their help. Later, Dafina returned to work with me on some of my own materials such a clothing, books, and household items. Again, she made an enormous change in my home, freeing me from the clutter and obstructions that I had. I plan to hire her again later this spring for more organizing. She is very capable of envisioning a way to find order out of chaos and clutter, calming for the frantic homeowner, and good company! I could leave her and her co-worker to complete jobs while I went about my daily schedule. Dafina makes wise decisions, consults the client carefully, and is creative about organizing materials while trying to use the tools at hand. I enjoyed her and recommend her highly. -Shannon G.

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