Now That Spring Is Here…

Posted by on April 14, 2016

Ah yes…it’s that magical time of year, when you can either find yourself at the beach( if you’re in California or South Florida) or wrangling your umbrella and boots( depending on how the clouds feel). It is also a time of renewal. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, a record breaking amount of my friends are pregnant, and  your significant other/roommate is starting to side-eye all the extra items that have made their way into the garage.  Now, would be a great time to get your space in order.

You’ve gone through your closet and garage and bagged everything you can bear to part with and you feel great. Now what? If there are items that are in too poor shape to give a second home, put them in a bag to be tossed. If there are items that are “second home” worthy, that’s wonderful! Here are a few places they can be taken to:


Salvation Army

St. Vincent de Paul

Friends of the Library (For books)

Junior League ( Check your specific area)


There are so many more wonderful organizations to donate your items to. If the task of Spring Cleaning is too large or you need assistance getting started, contact OCbyD to help!

Happy cleaning!


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