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Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: I truly value your time as well as mine and understand thatlife happens”. With that being said, there must be at least 48 hours notice for cancellations/changes. Multiple cancellations/changes (2) will result in a $75 fee. There will be one waived fee allowed per household (client or member of the household is sick).  Three (3) cancellations/changes may result in the contract becoming null and void.

Q: What are the acceptable forms of payment?

A: Payment is due  the day of service(s) rendered, unless otherwise pre-arranged. Cash or check is preferred, but PayPal and Venmo are accepted. If using PayPal there will be a 2.75% fee.


Q: What is the minimum number of hours for a session?

A: The minimum is 3 hrs. (As with any project, you need to learn your way around and get in a good rhythm.)

Q: Do you travel and is there a fee?

A: I am Menlo Park based and service the greater Bay Area. I will drive up to an hour each way. Outside of the Bay Area or in a different state? Yes, a fee will apply (I do frequent Miami and will post those dates as they come up).

Q: What do I need to prepare before you arrive?

A: Nothing! No need to clean up before hand, as I need to see what we are working with. You are in a judgement-free zone, so don’t worry. I’m here to help.

Q: What if items need to be rented or organizational tools need to be purchased?

A:  If additional equipment is needed, the client will need to purchase/rent said item(s) ahead of time. Organizational tools will also need to be purchased by the client. I can shop for items for a $25/ hr fee (covers toll and travel to and from stores). This will be in addition to my hourly rate while in the store(s).

Q: Do you clean?

A: Though organizers and cleaning services do make your space look wonderful, my goal is to set you up with tools for the long haul. I do not clean, but if you would like to setup refresher sessions that can be discussed and arranged.

Q: Do you take before and after photos?

A: I like to keep a record of all jobs preformed. I use them for promotional materials, post them on social media (without names) and on my website. If you are uncomfortable with with these terms, please let me know beforehand.

Q: Who will I be working with?

A:  I work with clients 1- on -1 . I will teach you techniques and ensure you have the knowledge and tools to keep your tailored system going. With bigger projects, I might need to bring in another set of hands (This would be discussed beforehand).

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