A Little Info About Your Organizer

” We would love to scrunch her sleeves up as a toddler. The result was always the same. With a calm face she would put her snack down, pull her sleeves smoothly back to their original place and carry on with whatever she was eating. No matter how many times we did it, her reaction was the same. It was amazing.” -My Mother

*Born and raised in Menlo Park, CA

*Lived in Southern California and South Florida

*Professionally Modeled for 15 years

*One of my “Happy Places” is the Container Store

*Was always that curious kid who disassembled electronics to see what made them work (They were put back together…properly)

*Happy to have worked everywhere from Television Broadcasting Studios to video game studios to well known Fortune 500 companies. Without these diverse experiences, I wouldn’t have become the Organizational Ninja I am today!

*Excited to be able to help others regain control over their spaces!

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