OCbyD | Personal Organizer

OCbyD | Personal Organizer

OCbyD | Personal Organizer

What Are You Looking to Have Organized?


One of the most used and most social areas in a house. Between the cabinets, fridge, drawers, and pantry there can be a lot going on that needs some TLC. I can help make it beautiful and organized so you can really enjoy the space.


Whether it’s a walk-in or reach in, I’ve got you covered. Let’s get in there and see what’s really going on. What can be hung and what can be folded to save space? Do all of those jackets need to be in your main closet or can they be in storage? Let’s get into it, together.


Corporate setting or residence, these spaces are the ultimate “catch all”.  I can help you decide what you actually want to be in there, de-clutter the space, and organize it so looks like how you envisioned it.


Amy M.


Dafina is an organizational whiz and so professional and friendly.

Sammy G.

Dafina is great. She is organized and gets things done. I was very impressed by her work and her attitude. I would definitely hire her again.


Adama W.

I worked as an assistant with OCbyD, and if I were needed, I would do it again. Dafina is well versed in all facets of organization. Her professionalism is exceptional, not to mention her punctuality and honesty. I would definitely recommend her services.

OCbyD | Organizing Clutter by Dafina

Hi, I’m Dafina owner OCbyD. I am based out of Menlo Park and service the greater SF Bay Area as well as being available for travel. I have been helping individuals, families, and businesses from California to South Florida to become more organized for over 16 years. What started out as helping friends and family with their closets, has transformed into Personal Organizing, Personal Assistance (both in person and virtual), and Event Logistics. I truly enjoy helping people to become more efficient and I hope to be able to do the same for you!

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